Not many men would admit to liking things of beauty, such as flowers. Flowers posses so much more than just beauty, in many ways they provide lessons. God uses His creation to reveal Himself to us. Consider the stars and their vastness, providing knowledge of when it is time to plant and harvest, the Sun and its life-giving light, even the Moon controls the tides of the waves all in perfect unison. The universe reveals God’s glory and greatness in mighty ways, but don’t discredit the things dwelling here on Earth. There are creatures so bewildering and complex you must admit that chance couldn’t have created such a sight. Our own existence, created in God’s image is the ultimate testimony to God found in nature. When life gets hard, we often forget the beauty found in the simple things, we forget that God is right there with us. So, let us consider the Camellia.

The Camellia is a very interesting flowering tree; while most trees produce flowers and fruit in the Spring or Summer months, the Camellia blooms in the dead of Winter. While most other plants suffer during the Winter, the Camellia blossoms, revealing life when all else appears desolate. The sky turns grey and snow begins to fall and the mighty Oaks groan with the freezes snapping their branches. Yet, in the midst of it all, there blooms a flower. This is something to consider, God provides for even the creation deemed lesser by men, so how much more will He provide for you who is created in His image? A Sparrow will not fall from a nest without His notice. Thus, His hand is surely working in your life when you fall as well. There is nothing too great for God to handle. Do you wonder why God made the Camellia bloom when nothing else does? Reflect on this, looking at the Camellia flower it reminds us that life can be found in dark places. Looking at our own lives how does this apply to us? Well…are you at this moment the Oak tree, or are you the Camellia?

The mighty Oak! One of the sturdiest trees upon this Earth, with large trunks and deep roots the Oak is hard to fell. Many are like the Oak, they go through life strong willed and can handle much on their own. Many storms have come and gone and still they stand. However, as the tree grows, so does the weight of storms. While the branches held little weight in previous snowstorms, the now large branches that could be a tree of its own hold much weight. When the freezes make the branches brittle and the weight of the snow piles on, the branches lose their strength and they fall with a mighty crash. At this point, the once mighty and strong Oak seems to have its life falling apart, branches that it thought would hold fast were falling from its grasp. The storm has rattled the Oak, lifelong growth now rests at its feet; it groans and creaks at the new wounds and scars received in the storm.


Is that not how many people go through life? Headlong and strong they grow, many problems they may face, but they make it through alright. Then one day, their whole world is turned upside down, everything falls apart. When looking at their feet they see what was lost, looking at their scars they see what once was, but if they would just look up, they would see the Camellia.

The Camellia bearing the same snowstorm may seem feeble in it all. The forest is alight with the crashing of branches and the felling of trees. Yet, there it lies, green and blooming it reveals life when death is all around it. It blooms it seems, when the forest needs it the most, to show that life is there in their midst. To remind them that God is still the giver of life.

Some people are like the Camellia, they don’t bloom often, but when they do it’s when people need them the most. When life appears desolate, someone comes along and reveals to them life in what looks to be bad. Taking what is good and reflecting on it, while leaving behind the bad with every day, life just may get a bit easier. The Camellia truly is an amazing creation crafted by God’s hands, a beautiful reminder that even in the storm He remains.

snow camellia

God can make a flower bloom in the dead of Winter, how much more He can do with you.

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