Some Things Stay the Same

A nice post by my younger brother in Christ. He calls for the Christian realm, especially in America, to understand who it is they serve and to live their life set apart from the world.

Mission For Christ

   The phrase “Some things change, some things stay the same” is unfortunately true for many people who consider themselves Christians today. We have failed miserably at imitating Christ for the world to see. It is true that our goal to be like Christ is impossible because we are sinful, but we are still called to follow Him and be transformed by God’s word, regardless of how hard it may be.

 The problem in the modern church here in America is that no one can see the difference between God’s sheep and the wickedness of Satan’s wolves. No one can see the difference between someone who has accepted the free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ and someone who curses the name of the Lord. Simply, no one can see the difference between a believer and a nonbeliever, and that alone makes me sick to my stomach. We as…

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